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Carnegie mellon researchers http://www.medmind.co.uk/ say readers' identities can reveal much about Louis Vuitton Handbags content of articles

Pittsburgh articles that people share on social networks can reveal a lot about those readers, research has shown.But a new carnegie mellon university study reverses the proposition, asking the question:What can be learned about an article from the attributes of its readers?To find out, the cmu researchers, along with colleagues at the university of washington, analyzed almost 3 million news articlesAndthe public profiles of the people who shared those articles on twitter.This enabled them to generate a few thousand"Badges"That characterized the content of the shared news articlesAndalso could be used to analyze any subsequent article, including those that had never been shared or even read.Graduate of the cmu computer science department.Elarini will present the findings today at the conference on knowledge discoveryAnddata mining(Kdd 2013)In chicago.Student in cmu's machine learning department;Emily fox, assistant professor of statistics at the university of washington,Andcarlos guestrin, professor of computer scienceAndengineering at washington.In order to train their model, the team began by looking at three months of tweets from september of 2010, 2011And2012Andselecting those that included links to mainstream news articlesAndcame from a user who had filled out a twitter profile.Each news article was then downloadedAndthe most meaningful, unique words were extracted, creating a"Bag of words"For each article;Similar to a visual word cloud, Louis Vuitton Womens Shoes these bags give greater weight to more important words.Likewise, from each user's twitter profile, a set of descriptive words, or badges, was extracted.By comparing the bags of words with badges from the people who shared the articles, the researchers were able to create a dictionary that associated each badge with its characteristic words.For example, people who selfidentify with the music badge in their profiles are likely to share articles with words such as"Band," "Album"And"Song. "Different dictionaries were created for each year to compensate for interests or topics that change over time.These dictionaries were then used to encode new articles, leading to a document representation based on attributes of potential readers. "It is important to point out that the badge dictionaries can be used to encode articles never before seen or shared,"Elarini said. "We take the content of the articles,Anduse our model to predict which types of readers would be likely to share them. "The researchers included a case study that used badges to explore the readership of prominent political columnists.This method showed, not surprisingly, that new york times columnist maureen dowd had readers who tended to be Progressive.This association was notable because dowd never explicitly uses the word"Progressive"In the articles analyzed by the researchers.Rather, the algorithm detected that the words dowd uses in these articles correspond to the type of content selfdescribed Progressives tend to share on twitter.Elarini, now a research scientist at facebook, said the algorithm the team designed also takes into account relationships between badges.The system understands, for instance, that"Liberal"Is similar to"Progressive"And"School"Is associated with"Student. ""Our methodology leads to thematically coherent topics that are more consistent over time than popular alternative approaches,"Elarini said. "We believe this method will lead to better performance on personalization tasks. "This research was partially supported by the Office of Naval Research, the National Science FoundationAndthe Air Force Office of Scientific Research.About carnegie mellon university: Carnegie Mellon is a private, internationally ranked research university with programs in areas ranging from science, technologyAndbusiness, to public policy, the humanitiesAndthe arts. More than 12, 000 Students in the university's seven SchoolsAndcolleges benefit from a small Studenttofaculty ratioAndan education characterized by its focus on creatingAndimplementing solutions for real problems, interdisciplinary collaborationAndinnovation.A global university, carnegie mellon has campuses in pittsburgh, pa. , California's Silicon ValleyAndQatar,Andprograms in Africa, Asia, Australia, EuropeAndMexico.The university recently completed"Inspire innovation:The campaign for carnegie mellon university," exceeding its $1 billion goal to build its endowment, support faculty, StudentsAndinnovative research,Andenhance the physical campus with equipmentAndfacility improvements.The campaign closed june 30, 2013.

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