Louis Vuitton Womens Scarves a reason plastic carrier
Carrier bag scam archive

Could you have not ordered it online and had it delivered?Probably would have come with free shipping no bag charge there!

If the op had come on here and said ordered xyz online, the postman came when i wasn in.By the time i get home from http://www.austherm.com.au/ work the sorting office is closed you would have probably said, didn you just call at toys r us?No waiting for the post, no queuing at the sorting office to collect the parcel, and you can see the item before you buy".

Buttercup196 came on here to make a point because there is principle at stake.Principles are something that a lot of people in society do not have these days.

Good on you buttercup for naming shaming toys r us.On the odd occasion i forget to take them out, i either carry the stuff without Louis Vuitton Australia a bag, or, if there's too much to carry, pay for carrier bags.I put it down to experience, and resolve not to be such a forgetful ae in future.It's only a few pence, after all.

There's Louis Vuitton Womens Scarves a reason plastic carrier bags are known as 'witches' knickers', you know.

And, incidentally, online carriage/packaging is never 'free' it's all costed into the items for sale, along with Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags cheap outoftown/offshore premises, nearzero tax contributions, etc., etc.

Quite a trivial issue to get your witches' knickers in a twist over, really. :Hihi:You naughty naughty people, wanting a plastic bag to take your goods home in.You must understand that these bags will bring the end of mankind, or so the plastic(Odd)Sandal tree huggers would have us believe.

No free bag, no taky home goods, leave them on the counter, job done.If folk did this every time the retailers tried to rip us off, it would end overnight.

And therein lies the problem the people who can't be bothered to take a bag with 'em, can't be bothered to find somewhere else to buy their stuff.The lazy and forgetful are their own(And everyone else's)Worst enemy.

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