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Katrina shattered cars hit local market

Seattle over fifty percent a million mud caked, water logged cars damaged by storm katrina are not even good for salvage.But alternatively of being scrapped and sold for parts, a lot of these cars are turning up for sale.

Shipments of katrina cars have been recently spotted in our state.We're sharing cars, trucks, and suvs that should not be sold to anyone for moving.

After being sunken in muddy, salt water for days and totaled by insurance providers, the flood damaged cars have been located by scammers who clean them up and sell them.If you like one, you're getting a car that's literally corroding throughout.

The flood damaged cars are generating their way from the gulf coast Pandora: up the eastern seaboard, while using midwest and along the west coast.

All this time, car dealers and criminal investigators have reported them turning up at auto auctions, while in once case a car lot, in scottsdale, illinois, lots of states, north carolina, the state of il, louisiana, mississippi, new south america, oregon, new york, ok, florida, oregon and wisconsin.

Through phone calls made nationally this week, i ran across a katrina car was sold to a seattle dealer from a dealer in bellingham.

Ledge chezum, a former washington state patrol inspector and current local spokesman for the nation's insurance crime bureau, says it appears the seattle dealer had the car inspected to ensure it was a flood damaged car from the gulf coast.

Most investors are on alert, but unprincipled sellers are not above making a buck at the consumer's expense.A new alert went out this week about a convoy of katrina cars recently spotted heading north from calgary.

Another new alert this month cites more that 150 katrina cars secretly re titled in Pandora Alphabet Beads arkansas which might be heading our way.

They earn Pandora Charms Sale the car look good to you

"They're gonna make the car bode well to you, said jerry manley, who owns johnson's auto repair in seattle.The long time certified technician was just in mississippi in january and says the indicators for flood damage are hidden.

You has to know where to look. "Up in right, beneath dash, manley said, reaching inside the given dash board.

Mud is a clear sign of water damage and mold.Mud under the dash board means the electronics have been wet and may ultimately rot, short-Term or break.

Johnson says crucial look for mud in the moldings under the seats, in the panels and storage storage spaces in the trunk, and recessed areas under the car where steam cleaning can't reach.

Other indications:Oxidation, rust in areas of the car to not normally get wet, an eco-Friendly patina on copper parts, and white powder and pitting on lightweight material and alloys.Become ware of musty, moldy odors covered up by deodorizers or shampoo or conditioner.

The cars may look nice and seem to run great, but water damage is slowly destroying them throughout.

"Your lock, your decorative showcases, solitary thing on your car they'll start acting up and from then, because open that, it's kinda staying a pandora's box, said manley.

Used cars a top consumer grievance

Used cars are still among the top consumer grievances in this state.

Here are seven common problems found during Cheap Pandora Jewelry home examinations:Worn wheels, bad tranny, bad serps, oil water escapes, shot steerage, rusted parts and high-Priced or missing airbags.

Bottom line where ever it's from, if it's a used car pay a completely independent, certified mechanic to go over it with a fine toothed comb before you purchase.

Check the vehicle identity number to verity its title and history.Consider a certified used car from trustworthy, powerful dealer, but get it checked.

Knowing what work will have to be done down the road gives you information to negotiate a better price, or in possible, pass on your vehicle for something better.

When asked what payment of used cars he advises his customers to turn down, johnson said he finds significant problems in vast majority of used cars he inspects.

"I would say 60% of them we tell our regulars 'don't buy,--"He was quoted saying.

The national insurance crime bureau reminds consumers that if you buy a car that has been salvaged buy the insurance corporation, the problems that result from the flood damage will not be covered by your insurance coverage.A claim had been paid out, which is why the car must not be sold.

Ncib has compiled a data bank with the vehicle individuality numbers(Vin)Your day nearly 600 thousand cars, trucks and suvs that may be cleaned up and put back up for sale with their flood damaged history hidden illegally.

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