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Division of resources really mustn't Pandora Beads be arbitrary

Venkatesh demanded that opposition leaders who supported the division must undo the injustice to kurnool district by helping in the equal movement of natural resources.

Speaking with reporters here on tuesday, he said it was natural for mahabubnagar and kurnool districts to be together regardless of the regions in which they were located.He said in several ways.Better if gadwal and alampur constituencies of mahabubnagar district were included in greater rayalaseema.

He said people must draw lessons from bellary, which in fact had gone to karnataka.Nonetheless, if mahabubnagar goes toward telangana state, the same water wars continues along the borders of telangana and kurnool.

It would be illogical and unscientific to create state boundaries along the river banks which could open a pandora box and remain a troubled spot for ever.

He lamented that kurnool district was made a scapegoat every time division happened.

The srisailam reservoir was catering to the requirements of coastal andhra, telangana more importantly chennai city, but kurnool center had no assured water.

He said the whole process of bifurcation got hastened because of the stand taken by n.Chandrababu naidu associated with tdp, nited kingdom.Narayana of cpi combined with y.Vijayamma because pointing to ysrc.He was quoted saying even chief minister n.Kiran kumar reddy was regarding the division as he wished that by doling out sops to telangana, the interest in statehood could be Pandora Rings avoided.Rapidly largesse, the division became a fact.

Mister.Vijayamma alleged deals on Pandora Jewelry on sunday.

Chatting with newsmen at idupulapaya, she alleged that the congress mooted bifurcation without having any plans to ensure equitable justice to telangana and seemandhra.Milliseconds.Vijayamma said congress mps and ministers were speaking in voices on the bifurcation issue and demanded telangana along with hyderabad, hyderabad as a union territory and second capital for the actual.

Although, some congress leaders were irritating rayala telangana by dividing rayalaseema region.Congress mp undavalli arun kumar claimed but, otherwise easy to pass the telangana bill in parliament.

The congress control should explain the rationale behind mooting statehood for telangana region along with hyderabad.

Uses a dig at naidu

She had a dig at telugu desam party leader n.Chandrababu naidu for giving a letter in 2008 favouring the coming of a telangana state and demanding rs.5 lakh crore for constructing a State capital.On top of this, the tdp mps are improving pro samaikyandhra slogans in parliament to dupe people, she supposed.

Microsoft.Vijayamma accused both the congress and the telugu desam party of adopting double principles on the telangana issue.Jaganmohan reddy.Rajasekhara reddy had undertaken the roll-Out of all the three regions in the state.

In the case of a division, it must be in a cordial manner, though not by force, she rumoured.Ysrc has cadre out of all three regions and will make its presence strongly felt, no matter bifurcation, she a fact.

Microsoft.Vivekananda reddy and relatives offered prayers at ysr ghat at idupulapaya on finishing of sharmila 3, 112 kilometre.Padayatra.

Chatting with

That hindu

, He said that the Congress high command had chosen to act at gunpoint in dividing the State and argued that Congress leaders in Seemandhra regions and their opinions were completely overlooked merely had chosen to remain within the party line.

Is Pandora Jewelry: most disturbing often the congress party chose to give into the histrionics of kcr at the expense of the people of seemandhra region and the state in general, your ex boyfriend averred.

Professionals like chidambaram(Residence minister)On top of that digvijay singh(Congress state responsible), As their own States the Congress is all but uprooted, Decide on that which you do, The party may meet the same fate here too, Opined mister.Gupta even as he announced true congressmen were simply left unrecognised.

Though, he appealed to the state leadership to be removed and lead the movement for a united state even as he said that leaders cutting across party lines should quit their party membership and come to lead the movement.

Addressing the demands made, a few civil society groups of anantapur district said that the district has to be given a constitutional guarantee for water and industry.

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