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The full motorway was eventually opened today as the herald learned that cameras misread 450 registration plates in july alone.

But massive service improvements have been made since september 2008 and traffic volumes on the road are rising all the time.The average monthly traffic volume on the m50 now stands at three million vehicles making it the eu's busiest motorway based on population.

Customer satisfaction with the eflow service is also on the up with 80pc deals on dresses of callers reporting that they are"Very satisfied"With the response offered.

Figures provided see results about Cocktail dresses by eflow to the herald show that they received 92, 918 calls during july, down from 144, 775 during the same month last year.

The main reasons for disputes is that the vehicle has been sold, the toll already paid or that the licence plate has been misread.

The fall in complaints may be linked to the growing number of motorists who have now registered their vehicles with eflow.

A total of 322, 131 vehicles are now in the billing system, the vast majority of which are in the leinster area, while homepage the number of people registering currently stands at around 300 a day.

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